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Wine - Roc de Minvielle Red Bordeaux 2019


Tasting notes : Ruby red colour, purple reflects. Nose reveals a mix of black fruit, and hints of pepper and violet. Powerful attack on the palate, rich and fruity, gradually revealing velvety tannins. The mouth is pleasant, very fruity, and well-balanced.


Vinification : The grapes are regularly tasted, to be certain that the harvest is perfectly ripe. Grapes are harvested, destemmed and crushed, and then a cold maceration occurs before the fermentation to extract colour and round tannins. This wine undergoes maceration on the skins, between 25 and 28°C, for 28 days, to intensify its complexity in the mouth. Our philosophy is to allow the grapes and terroir (all factors that influence the character of grapes grown in a specific microclimate) to express naturally in every glass of Roc de Minvielle.