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Jersey’s leading produce supplier delivering direct to your door

Our produce is available to order online! Minimum order of £37.50 to qualify for free next day refrigerated delivery.

Our Story

We started with just a single shiitake and then things ‘mushroomed’! Throughout our growth our values and ethos have never wavered and we remain a family business to this day with all four family directors still actively involved on a day-to-day basis.

Our commitment to our customers (large or small) is paramount and we are proud to be known as the first emergency service to our local chefs. We are in a service industry and we are here to serve.  We are delighted that this service is now available to you at home through this online store. We have a 30 year pedigree in produce and we simply cannot wait to share this with you.

Freshness is Key

Nothing is more important to us than freshness ! We embarked on our fruit and veg wholesale journey in 1995 when our organic log grown Shii-Take was opening kitchen doors for us and chefs were frustrated at not being able to get other products of its quality.  Rungis Market in Paris, New Covent Garden Market in London both became our regular stomping grounds. We can now boast 150 pallets of fresh produce per week sourced from all over the globe whilst continually championing fresh ingredients from our local growers.  Regular deliveries means continued freshness and choice.  Our buyers along with our growers are chosen for their passion for their produce. We’ve twice been awarded Genuine Jersey member of the year whilst also being awarded locally and nominated nationally for our social responsibility programs within our community.

Delicatessen Partnerships

Nothing makes us prouder than being trusted with amazing products from our leading suppliers.  For over 20 we have hosted thousands of products from the industry's leading names in food production and innovation. We will here be able to showcase their talent whilst making their products available to you all.  We start with the obvious choices with ranges from our friends at Brindisa, Belazu and La Tua Pasta. More will be added daily to keep you inspired and driven to home cook.

Parcels and Hampers

Watch this space for regular themed hampers and our ever popular pre made food parcels that are tailored to weekly family living with a desire for fresh.