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Tunworth - 250g Cows milk Cheese


Julie Cheyney and Stacey Hedges originally went into business together  using milk from a neighbouring farm.  Julie has now left Stacey to make Tunworth with a new cheesemaker Charlotte Spruce, as Julie is making her own cheese, St. Jude. Whilst the almost melting edges cling to the fudgy centre with the rind giving a non-invasive taste or aroma, this is a great leap forward for British cheesemaking, taking on French styles of cheesemaking but with a distinctly English edge. Light earthy brassica vegetal notes come through.  Perhaps not as nutty or earthy as a Camembert, it is nevertheless a delightful addition to the cheeseboard. Best enjoyed at around 5-6 weeks of maturation.

Approx 250g