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Hamper - Ultimate Indulgent Spanish


This is what I would choose, This is what i'd love to receive.  This is everything I love out Spanish and Catalan cuisine in one beautiful selection.

1x White Rioja Blanco en Barrica (Oak Aged) 2017
1x Rioja Reserva 2013 Bodegas Navajas
1x Tuna White in olive oil 112g
1x Torta de Barros - Thistle Rennet 450g +/-
1x Spicy Broad Beans 100g (Brindisa)
1x Savoury ship's biscuits, made with EVOO 200g
1x Sardines - La Antigua (Ortiz) 140g
1x Salchichon Iberico Bellota Slices - Senorio 100g
1x Quince Jam 140g
1x Pastura Finca 380g
1x Olives - Gordal 350g (Retail) Picante Pitted
1x Olives - Cocktail with Manzanilla (Hot) 150g Tin (Perello)
1x Ham - Iberico Bellota Senorio (Hand Craved) 100g
1x Chorizo Iberico Bellota Slices - Senorio 100g
1x Almonds - Smoked Catalan 150g
1x Almonds - Salted Catalan 150g (Grade 14)