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Wine - Chianti DOCG 2015 Villa Saletta


VILLA SALETTA Chianti DOCG 2015 – Tuscany, Italy

This DOGC Chianti blend follows the traditions of their Tuscan heritage. The grapes are picked variety by variety, de-stemmed, pressed and placed into stainless fermentation tanks, at temperatures between 79° and 82° F (26° to 28° C). The period of skin contact is approximately 10 days for Sangiovese and 15 days for Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The extraction techniques are aimed at maximising aroma and fragrance, soft and supple tannins, and emphasising the tonic acidity and savoury, mineral character. The wine is placed in Slavonian oak casks and two-year-old barrels, where it receives a year of cellar ageing prior to bottling. Tasting notes: The Chianti opens with a ruby red colour with violet tinges. It has a full, intense aroma, which recalls floral and red fruit notes. In the mouth, the wine is fresh, smooth, and well balanced with a complex consistency, recalling hints of violets, cherries and vanilla. This blend is well fused with smoky sensations. On the palate, it shows the characteristic intensity of Sangiovese, tannins that boast suppleness in their texture, and a vibrant, dynamic freshness