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Trufflyn Goats Cheese - 200g


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Our popular goats’ cheese Ashlynn has been given an indulgent truffle twist. Instead of a line of ash running through the pure white interior, Trufflyn has a thin stripe of truffle paste, which adds a new dimension to the flavour. The buttery paste is complemented, not overpowered, by the earthy, mushroomy flavour of the truffle with a lemony sharpness that pierces the richness, while the breakdown that slowly develops beneath the rind becomes increasingly runny and intense.

It’s a delicate balancing act to get the cheeses to develop in this way, which takes skill and patience in the vat and the maturation room, where they are kept at just the right temperature to encourage the brainy rind to grow. The man that oversees this tricky job is George Bramham, head cheesemaker at our own Cheese Cellar Dairy in Evesham. The young artisan cut his teeth at the School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire and has proved his talent with a series of award-winning lactic goats’ cheeses since joining Harvey & Brockless. We hope Trufflyn follows in their footsteps.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated below 5 degrees. Once opened, use within 3 days.

Ingredients: Raw Goat’s Milk, Minced Truffle (Truffle 75%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Black Truffle Flavour), Salt, Microbial Rennet, Culture 

Allergens: Contains Milk