Tofu - Smoked Organic 300g

Vegan, gluten Free .
lightly oak smoked our award-winning Organic Tofu for a deliciously distinctive smoked tofu. Our Organic Smoked Tofu is packed full of flavour to transform your favourite dishes with a delicious depth of smoky barbeque flavour. We love our Smoked Tofu crisped in the oven, creating protein-packed croutons to top your soups and salads.


Keep refrigerated. Once opened use within 24 hours.2 days.

Versatile Cooking

Remove all packaging and cook in any of the following ways:
Barbecue: 6 minutes each side
Grill: 5 minutes each side
Fry: 3 minutes each side
Oven Bake: 15 minutes at 190˚c, Gas Mark 5
Microwave: 2 minutes on full power