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Sauce - Pesto and Truffles 180g


Real Italian truffles in a real Italian Pesto - it is as good as it sounds.  This truffle pesto comes from Urbani, which has been cultivating truffles for over 150 years. Directions: 

Appetizers and snacks: heat the sauce over a low heat and spread it over a toasted bread or crackers.  

Pasta and entrees: heat the sauce in a pan over a low heat and mix it with pasta, or drizzle it over you favorite fish or meat.  

  • Facts 6.4 oz. Product of Italy
  • Ingredients Sunflower oil, basil, extra virgin olive oil, grana padano cheese (milk enzyme, salt, egg white lysozyme [preservative]), whey, potato fibers, trehalose, water, summer truffle, pecorino romano cheese made from sheep's milk (sheep's milk, enzyme, salt), salt, pine nuts, truffle flavor, milk protein concentrate, citric acid (acidulant), garlic. Contains milk, egg, pin nuts