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Sauce - Cream and Truffles 180g


Urbani brings the most delicious flavors from Italy to the table with this Cream and Truffles Sauce. Truffle and cream sauce is full of the authentic taste of truffle with delicious heavy cream and sunflower oil to create a perfect meal flavor booster combining the most delicate Italian truffles with cream to create this palate-surprising blend of flavor that elevates any dish. Made with no artificial aromas, Urbani Cream and Truffles Sauce comes in a 6.4-ounce can that is easy to open and prepare in just a few minutes. Enjoy this truffle sauce with cream for a gourmet tortellini dish, meat or fish by heating the sauce in a pan and drizzling it over your desired dish.

Urbani brings the finest fresh truffle products straight from Italy to your cooking. Six generations of the Urbani family have been dedicated to providing truffles with passion and love since 1852. Urbani shares 70% of the global truffle market, providing a fine selection of high-quality products packaged and presented in unique ways with guaranteed maximum freshness.

  • Ingredients: heavy cream (milk) (45%), water, summer truffle breakings (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) (5%), cornstarch, sunflower oil, salt, grana Padano DOP cheese, (milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme (egg) as preservative), sunflower lecithin, truffle flavor, citric acid
  • Facts: Made in Italy. Contains: milk, eggs