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Sauce - Black Truffles and Mushrooms 180g


Real Italian black truffles with mushrooms by Urbani, which has been making truffle delicacies since 1850. Directions: 

Appetizers and snacks: heat the truffles with mushrooms in a pan over a low heat and spread it over a toasted bread or crackers.  

Pasta and entrees: heat the truffles and mushrooms in a pan over a low heat and simply add it to pasta, or drizzle it over your favorite fish or meat.  

  • Facts 6.4 oz. Product of Italy
  • Ingredients Mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, Porcini mushrooms, summer truffles, salt, truffle flavor, grana padano cheese (milk, enzyme, salt, egg white lysozyme [preservative]), parsley, garlic, cornstarch, lemon juice, black pepper. Contains milk, egg.