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Rhubarb - 400g Annabel's Forced (Yorkshire)


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Champagne Forced Rhubarb

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb runs in the Makin family – this rare and esoteric regional delicacy was first farmed by Annabel’s grandparents. The method of growing it has not changed since. Annabel’s Yorkshire forced rhubarb grows in complete darkness and is cultivated by candlelight. This makes it riotously pink, tender and sweet – typically taking around 40% less added sugar in the pan.

Our forced rhubarb grows in the heart of Yorkshire’s Rhubarb Triangle, a nine-square mile area of West Yorkshire that in 2010 was granted protected status as the home of a unique regional delicacy, joining the ranks of Champagne and Parma. The stems are available from January through to April each year.