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Olives - Gordal (Dented Tins) 350g


We have run out of stock for this item.

I'm afraid you can't make 2500 hampers without denting some tins.....  We offer these slightly dinged tins to anyone who see beauty from the inside out.

Spain grows more than twice as many olives as the next largest global producer and processes them into olive oil and table olives. There are a huge number of olive varieties amongst which the most popular table varieties include Manzanilla, Verdial and Picual.

These Gordal olives are green, crisp and fleshy with a touch of heat from the guindilla chillies in the marinade.

Great Taste Award Winner 2020: 

"These large, beautifully green olives are tangy and delicious. The brine has a bright, acetic aroma and the piquancy of the peppers fills the air. The flesh is firm, with a notably buttery texture for a pitted olive and the gentle salinity lifts the natural sweetness. The heat from the peppers is gentle but builds into a fiery finish that is long lasting. A delicious easy to eat olive."

Serving suggestion: Stuff with orange segments.

Also available in a 600g tin and 2kg Tin for parties.

Or try the new recipe Gordal in a resealable jar - slightly more spice and a clean flavour.