Ham - 100% Eiriz Iberico Bellota DOP Summum 6.9Kg


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Eíriz bellota, 100% Ibérico ham DOP, SUMMUM. Huelva. A ham produced near Jabugo, in Huelva, by a third generation family company. The climatic conditions of the area help create the deep flavours and aromas of the ham. Cured for a minimum of 3 years. Complex and intense, sweet notes dominating the savoury ones, with earthy touches and hints of nuts; a rich and lasting flavour.

 Each year the DO Jabugo, granted a certain number "rings" to producers that meet the conditions for breeding and quality of Iberian pig to over 75% of Iberian breed Thus, some pigs enjoyed this favorable treatment and they are monitored and carefully tended throughout their life. In 2013, there were only 95,000 pieces (pallets and hams). The result is impressive, the Acorn taste is very noticeable. On the label of these ham should appear  the SUMMUM quality and the stamp of producer. The Regulatory Council of the Origin appellation, whose headquarters is in Jabugo, is the only one who can certify the quality and therefore attribute the numbered labels.