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Gourmet selection - Hamper


We have run out of stock for this item.

Presented in stylish black hampers boxes, Cards included and delivered anywhere you wish.. 

Wine - Roc de Minvielle Red Bordeaux 2019

Olives - Gordal 350g

Chorizo - Alejandro Spicy Hoop 200g

Charcuterie Selection - 200g

Crisps - Smoked Paprika 150g

Chocolate - 70% Guanaja 70g Valrhona

Wild Boar Pate 100g

Camembert Gillot Artisan 250g (Unpasteurized)

Picos Blue - 100g Artizan

Snowdonia Black Bomber - 200g

Cracker - Olive Oil & Sea Salt 125g

Quince Jam 140g

Spicy Broad Beans 100g (Brindisa)