Father’s Day Hamper - Deluxe


We're here to help you show the Dad's you love them by bringing together some of the big guns for this deluxe Father's Day hamper.   This is sure to wow and get you serious brownie points.... 

Presented in stylish black hampers boxes, Cards included and delivered anywhere you wish.. 

Wine - Roc de Minvielle Red Bordeaux 2019

Olives - Gordal 350g

Chorizo - Alejandro Spicy Hoop 200g

Charcuterie Selection - 200g

Crisps - Smoked Paprika 150g

Chocolate - 70% Guanaja 70g Valrhona

Wild Boar Pate 100g

Camembert Gillot Artisan 250g (Unpasteurized)

Picos Blue - 100g Artizan

Snowdonia Black Bomber - 200g

Cracker - Olive Oil & Sea Salt 125g

Quince Jam 140g

Spicy Broad Beans 100g (Brindisa)