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Tonica - Sicilian Tonic 6x275ml



L'Toned water ancient Sicilian recipe, it is a fresh and thirst-quenching drink that owes its aromatic and bitter aftertaste to quinine (a natural extract in the past used as a miraculous drug).

At the base of many cocktails (from modern vodka tonic and mojito to the most classic gin tonic: three of the summer drinks par excellence), toned water can also be tasted by only to appease thirst.

With lemon peel and matched, olives, dry tomatoes, pretzels and pickles, crunchy canapés, you get an original and non-alcoholic aperitif.

The elegant glass bottle and the vintage style label donate to thisDrink a particular retro appearance, for a classy beverage for hotels, restaurants, taverns, and elegant wine-bars.