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Clara - Goats Cheese Log 200g


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Blanche’s dark, brooding sister is sprinkled with a layer of ash, which makes a telling contribution to the final flavour and texture. The paste is dense and creamy with a buttery flavour cut through with lemony notes and hints of freshly cut grass, before it unfolds into a long savoury finish. The dark grey rind contrasts against the brilliant white paste making Clara the star of any show. The soft red fruits of a Tuscan rosé make for a dreamy drinks match.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated below 5 degrees. Once opened, use within 3 days.

Ingredients: Unpasteurised Goat’s Milk, Salt contains Anti-Caking Agent [Sodium ferrocyanide (E535)], Starter, Vegetarian Rennet, Ash

Allergens: Contains Milk