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Cashel Blue - 200g


A pioneer of artisan cheese-making in Ireland, Jane Grubb first started making this soft, subtle blue in 1984 using milk from husband Louis’ herd of pedigree Friesian cows in Tipperary. The cheese is hand made in the same way today by the second generation of the family on the same 200-acre farm. The creamy cheese has a hint of saltiness and an even flavour, making it ideal for cheeseboards and as an ingredient in the kitchen. The gentle blue tang has a natural affinity with a ripe pear, but also elevates a steak to new levels.

Country of Origin: Ireland

Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated under 4 degrees. Once opened, use within 10 days.

Ingredients: Pasteurised Cows Milk, Salt, Microbial Rennet (Trace), Calcium Chloride (Trace), Start Culture (Trace), Blue Mould (Trace)

Allergens: Contains Milk