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Brie de Meaux - Whole 3.2Kg Matured


 soft creamy Brie, rich and decadent with hints of mushroom. The cheese is encased in a bloomy white crust that starts to mottle with maturation. At its peak the cheese has a condensed nutty and fruity flavour. Rouzaire has been a family owned company for three generations, beginning their journey back in 1938. The dairy in Fonteney Tresigny was opened in 1986, and the production process still stays true to the traditional methods of hand moulding, turning and salting that have served them well for so many years. Milk is collected daily from 20 selected farmers in the Seine-et-Marne area of France, meaning the origin of the cheese is guaranteed. The cheese is then ripened in underground cellars, which have been located in Tournan-en-Brie since 1960.

-Cows Milk