Berkswell 200 Wedge (Ewes Milk)


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This hard ewes’ milk cheese from the Midlands gets its distinctive ‘flying saucer’ shape from being moulded in one colander that is turned. Made at Ram Hall Farm, which dates back to the 16th century, using raw milk from its own herd of Friesland sheep, Berkswell is named after the nearby village of the same name. Often described as a British alternative to Manchego, the cheese actually has its own unique personality.
It is matured for four to six months and has a close, slightly grainy texture and a wonderful clean, lingering flavour with honey and nutty notes balanced by a refreshing acidity. That said, it does pair very nicely with sherry, including dry amontillado, palo cortado and dry oloroso.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated below 8 degrees. Once opened, use within 3 days.

Ingredients: Unpasteurised Sheep’s Milk (98%), Salt (2%), Starter Cultures (Trace), Lamb’s Rennet (Trace)

Allergens: Contains Milk