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Ashylynn - 200g English Goats Cheese


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A cheese of contrasts in more ways than one. Ashlynn has a striking monochrome appearance thanks to a pure white interior set against a dark ash-coated rind and thin line of charcoal running through its centre. There are also interesting contradictions in the flavour. Ashlynn’s delicate appearance belies a sultry complexity. The paste is fabulously buttery, but a spear of lemony sharpness pierces the richness and opens up intriguing savoury depths and a tingle of spice.


Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated below 8 degrees. Once opened, use within 3 days.

Ingredients: Unpasteurised Goat’s Milk, Salt contains Anti-caking Agent [Sodium ferrocyanide (E535)], Vegetarian Rennet, Ash, Culture

Allergens: Contains Milk